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Mass graves with charred victims found in southern Mexico (-)
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IGUALA Mexico (Reuters) - Authorities have found mass graves with the charred remains of up to 20 people in the restive southern Mexican state of Guerrero, at a time when police are scouring the area for nearly four dozen missing students after a rash of violence.

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Tell us about your experience building on Google, and raise money for educational organizations! (-)
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Here at Google, we always put the user first, and for the Developer Platform team, our developers are our users. We want to create the best development platform and provide the support you need to build world-changing apps, but we need to hear from you, our users, on a regular basis so we can see wh

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A more mobile-friendly look for text ads on the Google Display Network (-)
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Readability and appearance are essential elements of a positive mobile user experience. With that in mind, we’ve made some changes to the design of our text ads on the Google Display Network.The title and description in the new text ads will now be easier for your mobile users to read. Your site v

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Launching v6.12.0 of the iOS Mobile Ads SDK with iOS 8 Support (+)
How ot get big XML as a responce from web service (QTP, POST request) (+)
Fiji coup leader Bainimarama claims election victory (+)
Sprint car driver dies in wreck at Wisconsin track (+)
EXCLUSIVE: Parkinson's sufferers let down by NHS (+)
Header and Footer in word doc (+)
Japan's SoftBank in talks to buy DreamWorks: source (+)
To Jailbreak, or Not to Jailbreak, That is the Question! (+)
A quick note on haproxy acl rules (+)
No. 1 Noles rally in Winston's return from ban (+)
In Liberia and U.S., Precautions for Two Ebola Workers (+)
World economies warn of global risks, call for bold action (+)
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