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Google Consumer Surveys: An additional way to monetize your site (-)
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Google Consumer Surveys is a great way for publishers to create an additional revenue stream for their content. When a user visits your site, they will have the option to answer a few survey questions in exchange for access to content. Each time a site visitor answers a survey question, you will ear

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Calculating Page Size in Pixels (-)
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This short post describes a handy way to calculate the page size in pixels. The steps: The function GetPageNumPixels accepts a Page test object and calls the function GetDocumentElement. The function GetDocumentElement accepts the same Page object and retrieves, via the Object property, the document

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Trulia sees 30% more engagement using notifications and further innovates with Android Wear (-)
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Posted by Laura Della Torre, Google Play team Trulia’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for home buyers, sellers, owners and renters to navigate the real estate market. Originally a website-based company, Trulia is keenly aware that its users are migrating to mobile. Today, more than 50

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Better plane tracking trialed after Malaysia plane mystery (+)
Get Additional 2GB of Drive Storage When You Review Your Google Account Security (+)
The First Annual Testing on the Toilet Awards (+)
A1QA Interview (+)
No. 3 UVa staves off rally, edges No. 9 L'ville (+)
Q&A: Achieving Mental Health Parity in Medicaid Managed Care (+)
Who knew a short film about building a bridge could be so moving? (+)
Make Way for Payment Reform in the ER (+)
Two dead in Copenhagen shootings labeled 'terrorist' by PM (+)
Humans' Big Brains Linked To a Small Stretch of DNA (+)
Wolves' LaVine outdunks all, and then some (+)
A Drug Safety Call to Arms (+)
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