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We’re fixing an issue impacting Quality Score reporting in AdWords (-)
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If you read Quality Score metrics programmatically from the AdWords API, please be aware that the values reported by the API, starting from around 11am PT on March 26, 2015, may have been artificially low. Correct values are currently being restored, and should be fully stabilized within 24 hours. T

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FlatBuffers 1.1: a memory-efficient serialization library (-)
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Posted by Wouter van Oortmerssen, Fun Propulsion Labs at Google* Originally posted to the Google Open Source blog After months in development, the FlatBuffers 1.1 update is here. Originally released in June 2014, it’s a highly efficient open source cross-platform serialization library that allows

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New course: Take Android app performance to the next level (-)
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Posted by Jocelyn Becker, Developer Advocate Building the next great Android app isn't enough. You can have the most amazing social integration, best API coverage, and coolest photo filters, but none of that matters if your app is slow and frustrating to use. That's why we've launched our new onl

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How to catch the script execution when QTP scripts are executed from command line (+)
Publishing Google Docs add-ons for domain-wide installation (+)
Irish fend off Butler in OT; ACC 9-0 in tourney (+)
Yemeni president demands Houthis quit Sanaa; U.S. evacuates remaining forces (+)
Carotid Plaque Prevalent in RA Even With Low CV Risk Score (CME/CE) (+)
Rituxan Scores in Rare Vasculitis (CME/CE) (+)
QTP not recognizing the webelement (+)
Bulls hand Knicks franchise-worst 60th loss (+)
PodMed: A Medical News Roundup From Johns Hopkins (with audio) (+)
Hundreds of people return home in Philippines as typhoon weakens (+)
Wisconsin stuns previously unbeaten Kentucky (+)
Inserted WebEdit value is not sticking in UFT during playback (+)
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