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Object identification differences between QTP11 and UFT12.01 (-)
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Hello We are upgrading to UFT12.01 from QTP11.00 We have a whole bunch of tests that were automated using QTP 11. When I try using UFT, it identifies certain objects differently than QTP e.g QTP identified the same object as a Page, but UFT identifies it as SAPPortal (This is SAP Netweaver applica

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Announcing the Budget resource for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API (-)
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We’ve just released the Budget resource for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API, which can be used to set a daily budget for your real-time bidding campaigns. Each PretargetingConfig will have an associated Budget that it is mapped to via the billingId. Once a PretargetingConfig meets or ex

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ThriftyFun.com boosts page views with mobile site redesign (-)
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Lewis Sandbeck founded ThriftyFun.com in 1999 as a community for people who seek creative and cost-saving household projects.  With the help of AdSense, it grew into a full-time job for his brother, mother, and him.When the Sandbecks noticed that 40% of their users were actually using mobile de

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