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Midseason form? Jets QB Smith booed at MetLife (-)
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Midseason form? Jets QB Smith booed at MetLife

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Cincinnati Hospitals to Screen All New Moms, Newborns for Heroin (-)
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(MedPage Today) -- Health officials worry about epidemic of neonatal withdrawal syndrome

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Yahoo revives its signature San Francisco billboard (-)
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How to Revoke Your Emails in Gmail (+)
Sacked! Harrison's kids must 'earn a real trophy' (+)
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Support for Japan's Abe bounces after 'utmost grief' for war statement: poll (+)
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IMA HTML5 SDK custom playback changes (+)
Eagles question Suggs' 'cheap shot' on Bradford (+)
Performance anxiety: Revamping traditional annual reviews (+)
NATO contractors killed by Kabul car bomb identified as U.S. citizens (+)
Writing to Run time data table (+)
Use Caret Browsing in Chrome for Enhanced Text Selection and Navigation (+)
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