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 Post subject: Know About Drones
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Facts about Drones
In 1916, the first attempt at a powered UAV was the “Aerial Target”. It was created by A. M. Low.

A Drone is a flying machine with no pilots inside it to operate. It operates on remote system and can be handled like a specified toy helicopter.

Drones will have the ability to see through walls and ceilings. Drones are becoming more and more popular for weddings, giving the couple a 360 view of their big day.

Drones could be outfitted with face recognition technology. Drones are also called as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Israel was first to make these defensive aircraft’s. Now it is the most popular country to sell drones to all over the world especially to the two dozen countries.

Amazon are seriously considering the use of drones in its daily delivery, the Prime Air service is said to be able to deliver packages within 30 minutes via UAV’s.

The very first drones which were used for military purpose was to reach one of the feared terrorists of the time.

Drones have already been used in football and now it’s time for cricket too. It can give a great aerial coverage of the huge fields.

Google donated 5 million dollars to a program that uses drones to track poachers in Africa and Asia.

The U.S. is currently the world's largest drone market. Research firm KPCB's 2014 figures show that the U.S. controlled 35% of the drone market, compared to 30% for Europe, 15% for China, and 20% for the rest of the world.

Applications of Drones:
Inspections: Many systems such as power lines, wind turbines, and pipelines can be checked by drones.

Aerial Photography: Drones are starting to be used in sports photography and cinematography. A drone is a perfect option for any young filmmaker to get that perfect shot

Delivery: Drones can be used to deliver small packages, pizzas, letters, medicines, beverages etc. at short distances. Drones allow pizza business to get more pizza out at a much more rapid pace.

Real Estate:Whether you're in the business of selling homes or property, a drone can help you show potential buyers what they're purchasing without having to travel to the home or land. You can easily collect aerial footage of the building or land, and the surrounding area, to give the buyers an idea of what they'll be getting.

Geographic Mapping: Drones can reach difficult-to-access locations like eroded coastline or mountaintops and acquire very high-resolution data to create 3D maps.

Structural Safety Inspections : Drones can provide faster access to high-quality, real-time visual inspection for all types of utility company’s that need to inspect power lines, oil and gas pipelines, transmission towers, buildings and bridges, wind turbines and rotor blades enabling the inspector or team to access the information from a safe position.

Agriculture: From spraying crops with fertilizer to checking progress of different fields, drones are proving to earn back the investment very quickly. Agricultural use of drones could comprise 80% of the market. The reasons include the need to closely monitor crops to improve management and yield, the need to do this more regularly and cheaply, and the environment of private land with little threat to others.

Law-Enforcement and border patrol : Helps with crowd surveillance and public safety, help in monitoring criminal activity, Crime scene and fire investigations. While staying far away from unsafe areas, a police officer can still monitor activity from a secure location. They can also be used to take medical supplies into situations that could be harmful.

Fun : Plenty of hobbyists are picking up drones to play around with, both by flying remotely and by programming drone AI (artificial-intelligence). It can be used in many ways to capture videos and photographs.

Real Estate:Listing agents of residential properties can use drones to create beautiful video tours of their properties

Disaster Relief: The milieu of sensors that can be packed into a drone can be used to help locate and save life in the midst of natural disasters. After a natural or man made disaster, a drone provides a quick means to gather information, navigate debris with a portable and useful technology that doesn’t drown out cries for help, and that can be deployed by teams that are working a specific area.Drones can be used to gather and deliver medical samples, supplies, and medicine to remote or otherwise unreachable areas in a disaster zone.

Advertising :Drones are a good way to promote your business. Weather its dropping coupons on a crowd at a sporting event or carrying a banner with your name on it, drones prove to be a much more cost efficient way to get your name out.

Landscaping:A drone is a great way to see the big picture. Getting a higher view allows the user to see gaps or problem areas in their yard that may need more attention.

News Footage:Drones are increasingly being used by journalists and citizens alike to report the news. There have been several high profile instances in which small unmanned aerial systems have been used to document and provide video footage from areas of conflict, war, civil upheaval, accidents and disaster.

Interesting Drone Videos
Hycopter drone can fly for 4 hours using Hydrogen

Google is testing Delivery Drone System "Project Wing"

Amazon's Prime Air will use Drones to deliver Packages in 30 Minutes.

Facebook's Drone "Aquila" will beam Internet Access to Billions of People from Sky

This drone "AirDog" can follow you anywhere as your aerial cameraman.

Fotokite Phi is a tethered Drone to capture aerial footage safely in Crowd.

DJI's Phantom 4 Drone uses Artificial Intelligence for avoiding Obstacles

3D Robotics's Smart Drone "Solo" makes aerial photography easy.

Nixie, a wearable flying Camera for taking aerial selfiess

Robird is a Flying Robot for controlling Birds at Airports, Harbours and Agriculture Fields

Kitty Hawk Flyer makes the Flying Machine Dream a Reality

Facebook built Giant Drone "Aquila" to provide Internet Connectivity from Sky.

The FPV Racing Drone "Tanky" can fly 100 mph and has a remotely tiltable Camera

Mine Kafon Drone - An airborne demining system to clear Land Mines around the world in 10 years

Xiaomi unveils the Mi Drone, an Affordable and Modular Quadcopter

GoPro's Karma Drone folds up and fits in a Backpack

AT&T and Intel to Test Drones on LTE Network

Qualcomm and AT&T to test Drones on commercial 4G LTE networks

Iran Captures US Drone "ScanEagle" over the Persian Gulf, and US refuses Iran's claim

Uber expects its Flying Car "VTOL Aircraft" in 10 years. Uber Elevate is On-demand Aviation service

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