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keyword density analysis

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Keyword Density analysis is analyzing the percentage of keywords towards the total number of words on the webpage.Search Engines are using keyword density as an important factor for putting rank.

Find below the Key Features/Facts

  • You can analysis keyword strength/density/cloud of your site.
  • Hightlight the keywords which one have maximum density.
  • Displaying all keywords in table format with maximum count of keywords and its density.
  • You can see the details about this script here.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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    Contact or And, you can see more contact details here.
  • I want to know more about this product, and I want to see sample or Trail. From where I get these details?
    You can see live demo.
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    Do complete analysis before buying this Script. Buy this Script only if you feel it is useful for you. Since it is developed using php & mysql and Ajax, you can get lot of developers to enhance it further according to your needs. Our team can also work on to your specific requirements for reasonable additional cost. And, you can report the issues and your comments in our Forum.
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