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Our web based Quiz program will help to get lot of visitors to your website. It will help your readers to test their knowledge in different subjects.

And, you can use this Quiz program for conducting Test for screening candidates as part of your Employees selection process.

Find below the Key Features/facts

  • See Live Demo (It is integrated with our phpbb3 Forum)
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Web Based application. Can access from anywhere in the world.
  • Use php & mySql which are free and open-source.
  • You can select Question type such as Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • Admin module for managing Questions.
  • Separate login system for allowing limited people for adding questions.
  • Allowing Admin for managing Users and Questions prepared by the Users.
  • Allow users to see their previous Test reports.
  • Allow Admin to see Previous Test reports of all users.
  • Provide Source Code.
  • Free Setup/installation support.
  • Continuous support and enhancement for reasonable cost.
  • Option to integrate with phpbb forum or keeping it stand alone.
  • Assistance for hosting your Quiz program.
  • For more details read this help page.
$15 only
About QualityPoint Technologies
This Quiz program was developed by QualityPoint Technologies. You can see more details here. Initially, we have developed this Quiz program for our own use for screening candidates and we are using it without any issue. And, we are working on to release additional features such as suggesting appropriate Article link for the user based on his score.
Contact or if you need any more details. And, contact us for doing any website development or software development for you.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Can I use credit card for buying this Quiz Program?
    Yes, You can use your Credit card for buying this Quiz Program. And, you can use your paypal account also for making this purchase. All the payment processing will be done by PayPal only. So you can safely make your purchase.
  • How to buy this Quiz Program?
    Just click the BuyNow button and complete the purchase. You can download the Quiz Program code immediately once after completing the payment. If you need any assitance for setting up the Quiz Program you can contact us at
  • Who can buy this Quiz Program?
    Any person or company having a website and willing to drive more traffic to their site can buy this Quiz Program. And, a company willing to conduct online test for screening candidates can also buy this Quiz program. It won't add any additional cost as this Quiz Program is developed using free and open-source softwares (php & mySql) Even if you don't know what is "php", you can easily use this Quiz Program. We will assist you to do setup (changing default logo/company name) without any additional cost.
  • Whom to contact if I need any further details?
    Contact or And, you can see more contact details here.
  • I want to know more about this product , and I want to see sample or Trail. From where I get these details?
    You can see live demo and read this document
  • I am not satisfied with this Quiz program. What I can do?
    Do complete analysis before buying this Quiz program. Buy this Quiz program only if you feel it is useful for you. Since it is developed using php & mysql, you can get lot of developers to enhance it further according to your needs. Our team can also work on to your specific requirements for reasonable additional cost. And, you can report the issues and your comments in our Forum.
  • I like this Quiz program. What next?
    Give your suggestions to improve it further. And, recommend this Quiz program to people who need this. You can publish review comments in your blog/site, and you can use below share button to share with your social network.
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$15 only