Project Name :  WebBased quiz
  Project Task :  Test your skills in php, javascript, mysql, Software Testing, QTP, English, Aptitute and c#.Net
  Software Used :  PHP, MySQL
   Web Based Quiz Documentation


It is very useful for improving our knowledge in different subjects. Online aptitude test that is Used for attending interviews without afraid and we would be courage in interviews. We hope this Quiz game more helpful.

While clicking the link Click here to start the qualitypoint quiz that starts the quiz game to compete in quiz test.

Second Page:
Here displays different subjects or topics and level of the questions are available.

We may add different subject here.
Two features are available there.

  • List of Subjects
  • Level of the questions in subjects


1. PHP
2. Javascript
3. dotNET
4. MySql
5. Testing QTP
6. English
7. Aptitude  
8. c++
9. History
10. C  
11. G K  
12. Biology  


Four levels are available for each and every subject. They are

1. Easy - Questions are very easy for initial stage candidates
2. Medium - Questions are medium level for middle stage of candidates
3. Hard - Questions are hard for expert candidates.
4. All - Questions are combination of easy, medium and hard questions.

At bottom one more links available there. That is popular topics that displays the report of the quiz attended person details including the Following:

      • IP Address
      • Flag of the country
      • Date and start time of the quiz
      • Topic name which they are attended
      • Number of questions attended
      • Number of correct answers
      • Time duration to attend the quiz
Here we select the subject and level of the subject. By default the level would be all and the subject would be PHP. Then click the submit button. That displays the next page as shown below:

Third Page

Choose no of questions you are going to attend

In first textbox displays the selected subject
In second textbox displays the selected level


It displays total number of questions in the selected subject. Here PHP has 37 questions.

By default the number of questions attends for quiz is 15 questions. But we may change ourself what we want and type the Value(number of question attending) in the third textbox near the lablel “Enter how much questions youwant to attend the test”.

Even though we change the subject name and level of the subject randomly here. Just by clicking the Change Subject/Level It shows the previous page for select the subject and level.

Then click the Start Quiz button. It popup the dialog box for start the quiz or not. If we click OK that that displays the questions one by one in the next page.
Quiz Test

In this page timer is available at the right corner of the page. It counts the intervals for attending the quiz. Select the correct answer and click the Next question button that displays or allows attending the next question. We should select any one answer otherwise popup the dialog box to the user to select any one answer and we are not attend the next question.

In the final question the finished button is displayed. We just click the button after select the answer. That displays the next page:


Here we just click the button “Click here to see the result”. That displays the result of the quiz test

Result Page:

History of quiz test is displayed here. Here we will see the

          • attended questions
          • selected answer
          • actual answer of this question
          • Subject Name
          • Time taken to attend the quiz
          • Score regardinf number of questions.
          • Result in percentage.

At the bottom of this page two links are there.

Attend Quiz Again
See others result

First link give opportunity to attend the quiz again once.

Second link displays the quiz report which contains paging. By clicking the page number we will see that page. Quiz report page like as below:

Admin Section:

If we provide their login information that allows the user to enter the questions and answers to quiz otherwise not showing the next page.


Registration form:

It is the registration form for registering users or allowing users to add edit quiz questions. After registering their details they will be access the quiz after enabling their access by the admin. Otherwise they are not have access to add and update questions in quiz.

After filling the information, just click the submit button that store their details in database. The password is known only by the creator (user) not by any other even admin. Because password is encrypted through coding. If we click ‘cancel button ‘ registration not updated.

After login that shows the page as below:


    • Edit Subject
    • Updating existing Questions
    • View all users Questions
    • Create Database backup
    • Quiz players report
    • Add New Subject

Add New Question

We will add new questions for each subject by using this link. Here We use the FCK Editor for entering text(questions) .
  • Enter the question in FCK Editor which has lot of features like in MS-word.


Two options should be given(must).

  • Select the Correct one Answer. Here two options are available. Maximum we give four options for each question.
  • Then click the save button. It adds the question to the quiz test If we click the reset button, Just clear all values and provide chance to add next question.
Here ,

We will see the questions subject wise by selecting the name of the subject in drop down We may search question easily by typing the word in search box that displays the questions only which contains the phrase. We could view the questions of each user separately by selecting username in the dropdown box. And also view all users’ questions by clicking the view all users

questions link

Just click the Edit Icon displayed for each record . that provides access to edit the questions and answer .

By clicking the edit icon that displays the page as shown below:

Here We change the level of the question by selecting the change level to dropdown
We change the subject of the question by selecting the change subject to dropdown
At the bottom select the correct answer id from the drop down.
Finally click the Update that updates the values of the all fields in database.

View all users Questions

If we like to see all user questions just select the All from choose username menu and also select All from subject menu.
It displays all user questions in all subject.

It also provide option to see the question details username wise or subject wise.
Type the question and answer in textboxes, then click the search button that displays the records related to query.
Clear button clear all values then goes t initial stage


Create Database backup

When you click Create Database backup menu,

Two links are displayed,

1 when you click the create backup database, it takes backup for your quiz automatically
2. When you click the Restore backup database that is restored again.

Now we give this option for employees. Ie employees also take database backup. If you want, made visible this option only for Admin.

Add New Subject

Here ,

We add the subject to our quiz. Just type the name of the subject in the above textbox then click Add button that adds the Subject to our quiz. If we click the cancel button that does not added in our quiz

If we select the subject name that shows the subject in textbox regarding to the selected subject name in the dropdown.
After made changes we click the update button that is to be saved in database.


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