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About SEO tool -find keyword position
  • This application is useful to find your site position in Search Engines(Google,Yahoo,Bing) based on your provided keyword.
  • For that you need to give keyword like Motivational Quotes
  • You can give multiple keywords.
  • Then give your site url like this in below textbox.
  • Then it return details with Your site position for your submitted keyword.
  • Thid Demo will allow only 2 keywords and it will allow checking maximum 20 positions only. Buy this script to check unlimited number of keywords upto unlimited positions.
Keywords :
Multiple Keywords
Upload CSV File
Manually Add Keywords
Enter keywords in separate line.
Upload CSV File : Sample CSV
URL : Positions: Buy this Script to check upto unlimiated positions
Search Engine: googleicon

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SEO Tips
Create SEO friendly Url for your webpags.
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How to Use Keyword Position Finder

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